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Metatrader 5 logo Powered by ChatGPT - no-code platform for trading robots development

The best trading solutions have been combined into simple blocks. You can create your own trading algorithms using a simple interface, without programming.

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100% support of MetaTrader 5 and major crypto exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, and Bybit

The editor has been developed specifically for MetaTrader 5 and prominent crypto exchanges, ensuring stable operation of trading robots built in the editor.

Create trading robots quickly, without programming skills. Botbrains editor is a new approach to trading robots development

It's quick and effective

One block can correspond to hundreds of lines of code. You just drag a block onto the scheme and don't think about the code behind it.

It's convenient

Editor interface is really convenient. You don't have to took for anything. Everything is at your fingertips.

It's reliable

You can disable trading on a live account. You can also set the maximum frequency of trades, set global take and stop and much more.

You always know what's going on

Your robot can write logs, make notifications in the terminal, send notifications to the MetaTrader 5 mobile application, and even send messages directly to your telegram.

Regular updates

We regularly update our editor: add new functionality, fix bugs, make everything faster, easier and more reliable.

We are open to new ideas

If you have a suggestion on how to make the editor better, we are ready to listen to you and implement what you want, if it is feasible and will make the editor better.

Key features

Combine blocks

There are a lot of differnt blocks available in BotBrains. You can create complex trading systems by combining these blocks.

Create a full-featured interface for your robot

Assign actions to buttons, change interface elements (coordinates, text, visibility, etc.) on the fly, and much more.

Connect your robot to your personal Telegram channel

Send charts screenshots and text messages directly to your telegram! With BotBrains this is really easy - just drop necessary blocks on the scheme.

Use keyboard while trading

Want to make some checks and open a position at the press of a key? With the "Key press" block this can be done in a couple of clicks!

38 indicators

Use indicators for complete technical analysis. Each indicator has full-featured settings.

Getting information

Get information on your account, orders, current trading session, symbol specifications, and much more.

Make transactions

Open and close positions, place and remove limit and stop orders.

Write logs

Write all necessary information into a special log file using the "Make log" block.

Play sounds

Your robot can play sounds using special blocks. For example, when your robot opens a long position, a corresponding sound can be played.

Variables and constants

Variables and constants can be created in a couple of clicks. Constants can be used as settings for your robot. Variables can be used as block parameters.

Flexible settings

Blocks have flexible settings. You can use variables or constants as block parameters.

Import and export projects

You can import and export your projects with a single click.

Download all files of your robot with a single click

Once you've created your trading robot, you can immediately download all files of your robot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be done on BotBrains?
With BotBrains you can create complex trading robots without programming. You can make a simple trading robot (for example, a robot based on moving averages crossover), or you can make a complex trading robot (trading spreads between symbols, robots with complex logic, etc.).
How to launch robot in the MetaTrader 5 terminal?
The robot files can be downloaded in a single click: you can download an archive with .mq5 file of your robot and its dependencies, or you can download only the .mq5 file of your robot. You just need to copy the robot file into the terminal (and its dependencies, if they are not there yet) and run it. Read more in the guide
What about other trading terminals?
We are planning to support other trading terminals other than Metatrader 5 in the future, but currently, our focus is on MT5.

Explore all features of BotBrains in the editor

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